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In the past, video advertising was often thought of as boring footage of products or services combined with "hard sales" techniques. Today, the internet has evolved away from many of these ineffective marketing techniques and has begun to rely on entertaining stories that are somehow tied into the product. Occasionally, these entertaining marketing videos are picked up and passed between friends, effectively creating what is termed, "A Viral Video Marketing Campaign."

At, we've abstracted some of the best features of Video Adventure Marketing™. has developed a product featuring a first person perspective story about the area or community with mild branding, and is about entertainment and social value. Our Video Adventure Marketing™  technique is unique because we utilize only high definition cameras and professional filming techniques in our production, and we combine our engaging video footage with entertaining and high quality audio to set a mood and momentum for the video.

Video Adventure Marketing™ Examples:

Carmel Mission Inn - Highway 1 -Big Sur Highway

Carmel Food Tour