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Point Lobos State Reserve Video

At we produce videos for a wide range of clients. We have produced dozens of travel videos, dozens of business profiles, hundreds of personal profiles, event videos, presentation videos, videos for TV, and the list goes on and on. We use only the highest HD standards in our videos, and our knowledge of compression technologies and internet delivery is equaled by few.

We are a visual culture due to the intense popularity of movies and television today. Video has become the main channel of information in our society, and in order for us to be engaged we expect there to be video in almost all aspects of our media. There are many types of video productions used to attract customers to a business and below we list four productions used at in the last few months. These are travel videos, video landing pages, informational videos, and video/animations.

Carmel Mission Inn (travel videos, video landing pages)

We incorporated travel videos into Carmel Mission Inn's website. Travel videos peek a person's interest about an area they have never been to because they present a location as if the visitor is there experiencing it first hand. For this reason they are generally presented in first person perspective and are filmed in a way that serve as the eyes of the visitor. The eight travel videos that we developed for Carmel Mission Inn give visitors a first hand view of the type of vacation they could have if they traveled to the central California coast.

Video Landing pages are a great way to attract visitors to a website because they offer a short highly engaging video clip about a subject presented in its own web page. Carmel Mission Inn wanted to attract more customers to its hotel by showing visitors that it was “Pet Friendly.” We accomplished this by developing a separate web page with a short video clip of a woman playing Frisbee with her dog. This is a perfect example of using a video landing page to engage and keep visitors involved with the website.

Sanctuary Beach Resort (informational videos)

Informational Videos, also known as infomercials, are filmed from an observer's point of view and are intended to provide an overview of information or services offered by the business. We created this type of video for Sanctuary Beach Resort when we developed their Event Planner's video. This video gives an overview of services offered for special events held at The Sanctuary Beach Resort.

DreamsCloud (video/animations)

Video/animations combine video with animation footage for a commercial or “how-to” about the company. These videos are often filmed in third person perspective and can also serve as educational videos. DreamsCloud wanted a video/animation that gave a general overview about what their company did while at the same time advertised their services. We created a video/animation that incorporated their logo and tells a story about what their business does.

Hotel Video Production

Over the last few years the nature of the Internet has evolved into a social-media environment. You need to view your hotel as a community resource, and you need to create and publish high-quality media focused on community resources and events. Your hotel's website can easily become a hub of information that visitors turn to for research and insights. Your videos and blogs need to cover parks, recreation, entertainment, restaurants, events, and even weather patterns. Statistics tell us that the longer a visitor spends on your website, the higher the probability that they will book their stay with you. In one of our recent pilot projects, website visitors viewed the video pages at an average of two minutes per page. The average time spent on a non-video page was less than 20 seconds. In addition to this, the average visitor viewed multiple video pages.