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If the purpose of a web-page is to entertain and deliver information, then we can gauge the success of a website based on how well it fulfills these two requirements. For the purpose of entertainment, there isn't a better solution then video. For the purpose of conveying information, video is also one of the most effective mediums.

Until recently, video on the web was a limited concept dominated by tiny little videos with poor resolution, compression artifacts, and low bandwidth. has been developing technologies that enable us to deliver high definition, Immersing Videoâ„¢ to our clients. This doesn't mean YouTube or Vimeo videos, as the display from these social media platforms is too limited and does not adapt well between multiple devices.

Our video process starts with filming on professional HD video cameras, editing and compressing video with the highest standards, using advanced content delivery networks for high speed streaming, and finally, using the latest open source video players for maximum compatibility between phones, tablets, and desktops. The end result is high definition, immersive, interactive video that plays in the header of a website.