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We live in a visual age where photographs, videos, graphic design, and animation tell your story. The quality of your media is perceived as the quality of your business. Media should never be an afterthought, but instead should be the foundation.

At, we know the quality of the media is dependent on the eye of the artist. The artist captures light, design, and pattern in a manner that brings the subject to life. Perhaps in post-production you can enhance or correct mistakes in the media, but you can rarely substitute processing for poor quality media.

Nowadays, media doesn't just exist isolated on a wall but is distributed through hundreds of channels. Knowing that your media is destined to be distributed far and wide requires that your media be formatted and prepared in a myriad of configurations. The technological understanding of these distribution requirements often defines the difference between a great product and a mediocre presentation. The goal should always be capturing and maintaining quality all the way through to the final delivery.