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Search Engine Optimization

What if you built a website, and no one came to visit? This is exactly what would happen without SEO (Search Engine Optimization). At the core of it, people find your product or service through a simple search. Once they find your site, do you logically direct them to purchase your product or service?

Perhaps ten years ago when SEO first started, it was easy to tune your website and get customers to visit. Then, millions of business entered the web and the competition became fierce. In addition, Google constantly changes the nature of how search works. It would be great to ignore the sea of complexity but there are millions of customers searching for your business. At we help our clients make sense of the strategies to simplify, structure, and harness the power of internet search.

To get a business on track for great SEO results, you have to start first with the website. The structure has to be simple and obvious, and the message has to be crystal clear. If you layer a few simple SEO concepts on top of a great website, it will be begin to rank well. The next step is ranking above the competition. In order to do this we turn to blogs, social media, video, microdata and PPC (Pay-Per-Click). The real art of SEO is how all of these services fit on top of your elegant website architecture.