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Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Your business has a certain number of keywords that customers use to find your service or product. For example, a hotel in San Francisco could simply be “San Francisco CA Hotel.” Most likely, there are hundreds of key phrases that people use to find your business. It would be nice if your business could capture every appropriate key phrase that people use. For example, “San Francisco Pet Friendly Boutique Hotels.”

PPC campaigns are structured to purchase the key phrases for your industry that SEO is currently not delivering. Perhaps, in time, SEO for your website would capture your critical key phrases, but you need the business TODAY and can't wait six months to a year for SEO to meet your needs.

You need to start your PPC Campaign by looking at the keywords you want and then examining the price of those keywords. You might very well find that you can't afford your ideal PPC Campaign. This is where your PPC campaign manager can help you find the great bargains that help deliver clients to your website. Your campaign manager should also help you make strategic decisions based upon verifiable conversion rates.