Shelley S Davies Website

Shelley S Davies Vancouver, Ca Website

Shelly Davies is a graphic artist who creates beautiful work. When designing her a professional artist website, we wanted to do something different. We emulated her collage-like style and vivid color palette to build something that reflected her art. We used a bright spectrum and different layers of texturing to construct a feeling that the whole site belongs to Shelley — as though it was a piece of art she made. The header of the home page took careful construction, as it works like an “animation,” or a scrapbook. Every artistic choice we made was intended to reflect Davies’ aesthetic.

We worked closely with Davies throughout the development of her site, insuring that we could build what she needs to exhibit her talents. Her art can be described as “whimsical” — however, it can also be serious. This is accomplished through her great design, attention to detail, and perfect use of contrast. The website is rife with beautiful galleries of her extensive work, from the covers she made for The New Yorker, to the illustrations she’s created for children’s books. Each gallery is in high resolution to better showcase her craft.

Davies is also a very active blogger, as she makes posts daily. Her blog has a large following, so we took care while designing it to make sure we built an interactive, easy-to-use blog.