SEO and Social Media Tuneup

Any contemporary website which is under constant change eventually drifts into a state of misalignment with the web search engines. This misalignment forces rankings to dramatically drop and can seriously impact web-based revenue. It is critically important to utilize the best SEO analysis tools in the market and to run the website through several weeks of analysis by Google’s web master tools. Following several weeks of analysis a master content plan needs to be assembled that addresses the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of tune up that even a mid-sized website requires.

Over the last two years we have researched how to integrate all of your social media channels into this website analysis and content adjustment process. We believe that a web-based business must view the entire scope of social media channels as its ‘web presence’ and any tune-up must simultaneously address all of the social media channels.

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Google Authoring Process End to End

I just finished implementing the Google authoring process end-to-end.   Here are the steps:

1.  On your website/blog build a nice page about each author in the blog.

2.  In your blog either install or build the capacity for blogs entries to display a text or image link to an author page.

note:   This link needs to use the author tag:   (rel=”author”)

<span style=”text-decoration: underline; color: #0070c0;”>
<a href=”/kentyn-bio” rel=”author”>Visit Kentyn</a>

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Producing Your Video Interviews

A Directors Chair.Video Interviews are a great way to enhance the educational sections of your website and simultaneously add new content to your YouTube channel.   Even though the format of the interview is simple and the budgets may be minimal you still need to provide all of the roles and services that any video production requires.

There are 6 key roles in any video production:  Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Actor(s), Editor, and the Client.   Depending on your budget you may have individuals assigned to all of these roles, or you may simply assign yourself all of these roles.

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It’s Fall

When I was a young man I left home because I wanted to eat dessert before dinner.  Today reminds me of that propensity… first take care of the fun part.   So, today I went out and photographed the fall colors even though I have hundreds of other tasks that really need to be done.   Below is my fall photo (of the day).

Bright Orange Fall Leaves

New Video Release of “Tour Monterey”

Highway OneAt the beginning of this summer we were asked to come film and produce 8 videos all about the Monterey Peninsula. Here are the topics of these 8 films: Highway One, Point Lobos, Monterey Family Entertainment, Seventeen Mile Drive, Monterey Peninsula Golf, Carmel Mission, and Carmel (most dog-friendly town in the world). The project is released and we are thrilled with the results.  Click on the image on the left and “come tour the Monterey Peninsula.”

New Kentyn Website

New Kentyn SiteOver the years we have built and utilized dozens of different website designs for, but as time went by we kept wanting our site to be more simple. We wanted a design that automatically expanded to handle any amount of content and could accommodate changing images and video clips. Of course we wanted the best blog possible and wanted to have the blog automatically post to our Facebook and Twitter account. We also wanted to deliver HD video clips of our productions. Finally, we wanted our site to run on PCs, smart phones, and mobile platforms. So, here is the first few pages of our new site.. simple… straight ahead… just content…content… content!

Welcome to the New Media Blog

At we are very excited to offer our clients and friends a new resource of information about media on the web.  We will cover topics ranging from video, photography, mobile sites, pad sites, graphics, animation, content development, proper SEO concepts… and a host of other topics.

Thank you,