New Wave Rafting CO

New Wave Rafting, New Mexico Website

We took special care designing the website for New Wave Rafting. The owners of the company are old friends, and their previous website under-utilized the talent they had on hand. Two of the owners, Steve and Britt, are both acclaimed photographers. However, their old website didn’t show their talent for photography or the natural beauty of northern New Mexico.

Our goal was to expose the photographers on their website, as well as to focus on the business. We created a site built upon pictures. We hosted the site on a high-speed web server, so that the huge photos wallpapering the site loaded quickly and properly showed the beauty of the area. It runs fast and efficiently, while being home to big, sensual pictures.

The website itself is very visual, as well as tablet-friendly. You can “click” on a picture to get to a different part of the site. In addition, we included a gallery to their photography, which includes a full-screen library of the breathtaking works. It was constructed so that all of the information is easily available, and booking can be done from inside the webpage. There are maps available for every trip, as well as the incredible photographs of the very waters you could be rafting. We also constructed a mobile site dedicated to New Wave Rafting — it has fewer pictures, but it runs better on the lower-resolution screens. Information like maps, phone numbers, and addresses were all made downloadable through the mobile site.