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Website trends and requirements for 2015

grandma// First priority //
I was recently helping my neighbor fix a few network problems when their four year old granddaughter decided to tell me how to connect to the network on the iPad. I don’t think this story is unusual, nor are the stories about bed-ridden elderly people enjoying Facetime on their iPad with their families.

Website developers should not be worried about the next design revolution as opposed to “How does my website behave more like an app?” The next phase for websites should be usability by the emerging full age-range audience. Can I touch every detail of the website and does something logical happen? Can I use my finger for full navigation? Are the menu selections simple… lots of clear icons? Is the website fun? Perhaps, the new QA team for a website development project is composed of children and grandparents?

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It’s Fall

When I was a young man I left home because I wanted to eat dessert before dinner.  Today reminds me of that propensity… first take care of the fun part.   So, today I went out and photographed the fall colors even though I have hundreds of other tasks that really need to be done.   Below is my fall photo (of the day).

Bright Orange Fall Leaves