Idea for agency with focus on video


Sketch 1

The video is centered in the page and can be played full screen.   The hotels page is full header video.  I wanted to create a website that was so clean that the eye went straight to the message… and engaged the visitor in finding out about ‘who’ this company is.    We can define what the video message is with a good collaborative session.



Website trends and requirements for 2015

grandma// First priority //
I was recently helping my neighbor fix a few network problems when their four year old granddaughter decided to tell me how to connect to the network on the iPad. I don’t think this story is unusual, nor are the stories about bed-ridden elderly people enjoying Facetime on their iPad with their families.

Website developers should not be worried about the next design revolution as opposed to “How does my website behave more like an app?” The next phase for websites should be usability by the emerging full age-range audience. Can I touch every detail of the website and does something logical happen? Can I use my finger for full navigation? Are the menu selections simple… lots of clear icons? Is the website fun? Perhaps, the new QA team for a website development project is composed of children and grandparents?

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Carmel Mission Inn Website

Carmel Mission Inn, Carmel CA Website

We’ve been working with the Carmel Mission Inn for five years; we’ve taken them from a static site to one rife with media and local culture. The Carmel Mission Inn is unique because of its location, as it’s in the middle of a cultural hub in the Central Coast of California. We focused on the structure of the hotel itself, but also the many things you can do when staying there. It’s so close to Carmel By The Sea, as well as the archaic beauty of the Carmel Mission. Highway 1, which stretches between Carmel and Cambria, is a road to adventure, which will take you to Monterey, Point Lobos, and Big Sur — all which are featured in our videos and photographs on the website.

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New Wave Rafting CO

New Wave Rafting, New Mexico Website

We took special care designing the website for New Wave Rafting. The owners of the company are old friends, and their previous website under-utilized the talent they had on hand. Two of the owners, Steve and Britt, are both acclaimed photographers. However, their old website didn’t show their talent for photography or the natural beauty of northern New Mexico.

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Rudder Law Group Website

Rudder Law Group, Alameda CA Website

The Professional Practice website we built for the Rudder Law Group is a simple professional business presentation. Our client wanted a straightforward, non-”flashy” website for the representation of her law group. She wanted it to be clean and professional — we used her colors, her logos, her fonts, all in accordance of her goal. We used a standard CMS system, and we made sure the SEO metadata was all tuned-up.  After that, we sent numerous documents on how to manage the CMS system.

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Shelley S Davies Website

Shelley S Davies Vancouver, Ca Website

Shelly Davies is a graphic artist who creates beautiful work. When designing her a professional artist website, we wanted to do something different. We emulated her collage-like style and vivid color palette to build something that reflected her art. We used a bright spectrum and different layers of texturing to construct a feeling that the whole site belongs to Shelley — as though it was a piece of art she made. The header of the home page took careful construction, as it works like an “animation,” or a scrapbook. Every artistic choice we made was intended to reflect Davies’ aesthetic.

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The Waterford Website

Waterford – California Hospitality Management

The Waterford Hotel & Inn LLC is a hospitality management consultant that represents many high end properties in northern and central California. The previous website’s design was not responsive, and did not serve the mobile market. We also gained access to the original photographs and processed them to bring out the true balance of color and contrast.

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California Pacific Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Website

CPOSM San Francisco CA Website

When building  a professional practice website for CPOSM, we wanted to establish a connection between the surgeons and the San Francisco community. Dealing with doctors and surgeons always includes an air of professionalism, but our goal was to create pages that showed that the doctors were real people, as well. Every doctor has their own page, which details their specializations in medicine in addition to their position within their community. The doctors at CPOSM are involved with the websites development, which has allowed us to build a truly unique site. The doctor’s care for their community is reflected in their professional life, also. The doctors of CPOSM lend their talents to the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco Ballet, the Sugar Bowl Ski Team, the Oakland A’s, and even the international Operation Rainbow, which provides orthopedic surgery to children in developing countries.

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Looking Back – Way Back

At the end of the .com bust I realized that a complete life re-think was in order.  So instead of confronting the daunting task straight on, I ask myself what single question in life did I want to answer.  Now, some might take this opportunity to find the answer to world peace… but instead I ask “what is the connection between art and music?”

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Video Blogs for Hotels

The Carmel By The Sea Concours promotional video

The Carmel By The Sea Concours promotional video

One of the problems with blogs is simply getting people to write them and second making sure that the content has value. Over the last four months I have been experimenting with a new idea… have the hotel buy a nice HD video camera, train them on how to use it, and then simply have them record every event that comes through the hotel and occasionally record events in the local community. I solved the video editing problem by sharing a Dropbox folder with the hotel and then I simply assemble the videos and post the final edit to the hotel’s blog. This simple idea really works as the hotel blog starts to become a resource to the community as well as hotel guests.

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